Honorable Mentions

Two new Honorable Mentions, this time in the Fine Arts category of the ND Awards! One each for the series ‘Perish the thought, photos on decomposition’ and ‘Perceptions’. For most of the time I have personal projects going on, either I’m shooting them or I’m at the thinking stage because I spend a lot of time preparing each photo in a new series, that stage usually takes much longer than the actual shooting because I want the thoughts behind the photos to be coherent and I plan how each photo will look like although that they look like that is quite rare so let’s call it a vision, I work on a vision of the photos and the final series. I have recently finished shooting a series of photos called The Neruda Project and I’m now at the thinking and planning stage for a new one. I’m usually happy with a finished series but it only takes a few days and I start seeing the faults I made and I feel a certain dissatisfaction with my work. So it’s always onwards towards that elusive goal of being a better photographer.